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    Nothing upgrades the look of your house quite like new siding does. When installed correctly, siding instantly enhances curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Its smooth appearance and long-lasting, low-maintenance features are the perfect thing to keep your home looking fresh all year round.

    At Buildpro we are licensed siding contractors. We offer quick and affordable installations of new vinyl siding to give your home a complete makeover. If the Louisiana weather has been wearing down the walls of your home, isn’t it time you “Go Buildpro?” Let us install siding to reinvigorate your home like you wouldn’t believe!

    Siding FAQs Installation

    Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

    Of all the types of exterior siding you can choose for your home, vinyl is the obvious choice. Other types of siding may offer you plenty of functionality, but all other types of siding materials simply can’t match what vinyl offers your Louisiana or Mississippi home.
    As fully licensed local siding contractors, we at Buildpro exclusively choose vinyl to protect and beautify homes. Today’s vinyl siding is more than just great looking, it’s a great value too. Vinyl offers the lowest total installed cost of all types of house siding, as well as the lowest cost over the entire life of a home. Its no-painting, low-maintenance features will keep you appreciative of its quality for many years to come.
    Vinyl siding offers you the following durable and low-maintenance characteristics:

    • High service life
    • Wind resistance
    • Color retention
    • Water resistance
    • Resistance to insect damage
    • Chemical resistance
    • Available in energy-efficient and insulated
    • Very high resistance to nitric and sulfuric acids, the main components of acid precipitation.

    Vinyl siding for houses looks like wood but has none of the high-maintenance qualities that makes wood siding such a pain to upkeep. Because vinyl never needs paint—ever! The only maintenance you need to perform is a simple wash with a soft cloth and garden hose to keep it looking great. If you’re strapped for time like so many homeowners these days, you will totally appreciate what vinyl material has to offer!


    Choose Buildpro for a High Standard of Quality

    D5HiddenRidgeJust like our windows and roofing, each vinyl siding installation we
    perform is reflected in the products we use. We choose Norandex premium vinyl siding products for all our siding installations. These products are quality-manufactured and performance-engineered to the highest industry standards. We are siding installers who stand by Norandex products to offer our customers only the best.

    Here’s what Norandex siding offers your home:

    • Engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions, including hail and high winds
    • A superior full-reversed rolled-over nail hem that doubles the thickness of the panel where it’s nailed to the wall
    • When combined with the NailRIGHT™ siding installation system, this method assures security and accuracy
    • Limited lifetime transferable warranty, including lifetime fade protection


    We are licensed vinyl siding contractors who have worked hard to make our homeowners in Louisiana and Mississippi very happy. And we can do the same for you! Contact us and let us know your needs.