Hey, Matt! Is it time to replace my roof? Do I need a home improvement right now?

Clients ask us everyday to come out and inspect their roof. We’ve identified these signs that tell us it’s time to replace a home’s roof with a roof replacement.

As an knowledgable roofing contractor, we can advice homeowners by giving estimate about when and why they do need a roof replacement. Here are 10 signs analyzed by Buildpro experts.

10 signs you need a roof replacement

1. It’s over 20 years old.

Think about it, a roof that’s over 20 years old was put on in the 1990’s. The Macarena song was the number one Billboard hit 20 years ago. Roofing installations technology has come along way in the past two decades. Get current with a replacement roof.

2. It’s ugly!

Face it you’re embarrassed to even look at at when you come home. You invite friends only to visit after dark, so they can’t see it. You need to take a good hard look at it in the broad light of day. That’s when we inspect roofs. We want to see the defects, warts and all. We’re looking for worn areas around vents, wide swatches of broken shingles, etc.

3. Speaking of shingles.

Do they look bad? You should conduct a close-up examination of your roof’s shingles. Do they appear wet, broken, custock photo of a roof inspector, he's wearing a flannel, tool belt, he is holding a clipboard and smiling for the camerarled, brittle? Yes? Then it’s usually best to replace them all at once. Here are the best roofing shingles brand choices you can choose from.

4. You see granules all over the pace.

It’s looks like a black snow in your yard and landscaping. This isn’t a sign of the coming zombie apocolypse. It’s a sign that you need a roof replacement.

5. Some signs aren’t on your roof at all.

Is the peeling or bubbling paint. A leaking roof can cause deterioration of exterior paint around the roofline. But it also can seep into your home’s walls and stain your inside walls, too.

6. Does the roof deck look like it needs to workout?

What I mean is – is there sagging or evidence the deck jus tisn’t as strong as it should be? The roofing “deck” consists of the support beams that hold your shingles and roof up. If these beams show evidence of moisture damage, you should replace both your shingles and your roof deck.

7. The last time you were in the attic, did you see signs of leaking?

Haven’t been in there in a while, then I suggest the next time it rains, you go up there and look signs of water.

8. Can you find things in your attic without turning on a light?

If light is leaking in, it’s time to replace your roof.

9. We all know bills continue to rise and energy  total costs rise all the time.

Unfortunately, sometimes your failing roof is the biggest cause for a rise in your bill. Remember earlier, I

mentioned improved technology? New energy star shingles can save you buckets of money; helping offset the cost of a new replacement roof.

A roof replacement by BuildPro

10. The elements of our region are relentless.

The sub-tropical weather never stops. Small problems can become big problems in a season. Procrastination is a big reason for this. Don’t wait for buckets of water to come pouring through your roof during the next major storm.

So there you have it. 10 signs or reasons to inspect your roof and determine if it’s time for the roofing specialists to come out and help you protect your investment with a roof replacement with the correct roofing materials.