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    Window Styles

    Get started by selecting the right shape and operating style for your project. A wide variety of options allows you to choose from the classics or customize the perfect window for you.

    Classic Window
    Picture windows are the most energy efficient style available and are fixed – with no movable sash. Choose this style when you want to illuminate a room or provide an unobstructed view.
    Awning Window

    A top-hinged window, also called an Awning, swings outward for ventilation. Create a striking look by using multiple Awnings in both vertical and horizontal mulled configurations.

    Double Hung Window

    Double Hung
    For a timeless look, choose the Double Hung, which is popular in Victorian, Craftsman and Colonial architecture. Both sash on Double Hung windows slide up and down vertically.

    Slider Window
    Slider windows glide horizontally from side to side. Available in a 2- or 3-lite configuration, 3-lite Sliders have operable end vents. They are perfect for replacing large Picture windows to gain ventilation.
    Casement window

    The Casement features a hinged sash that opens outward. If you are looking for optimum ventilation and a wide-open view, the Casement is the perfect choice. Casements are the second most energy-efficient style available for your home.

    Geometric Window

    Customize the look of your home with a stunning Geometric window. The dramatic options provide a unique look that will enhance any home.

    Garden Window
    A Garden Window can bring a little bit of the outdoors in year-round.
    Bow Window

    A Bow window features windows mulled at 10-degree angles, which creates a rounded, more circular appearance than a bay.

    Bay Window

    Open up your home and bring the outside in with the addition of a Bay window. The dramatic look of a Bay creates a special nook and adds dimension to any room.

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