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    Storm Shutter Installation

    Is your home ready for hurricane season? A storm shutter installation from Buildpro is your solution for your unprotected home. When heavy rain and powerful winds start coming your way, storm shutters from Buildpro are the best defense against flying debris. Protect your windows and your home’s interior and let the professionals at Buildpro install window shutters for your home!

    What to Expect with Your Storm Shutter Installation


    • We start by contacting you to set a convenient time to go over the pre-ordering process. This includes a basic review of your order, as well as re-measuring of your openings within 3 to 5 days. Installing exterior shutters, especially ones for hurricanes, takes precision and a careful attention to detail. We re-measure the specific openings of your home to make sure our work will absolutely meet your every need.
    • Once we finalize your order, we’ll get in touch with you one last time. This will allow us to go over your order details and make sure nothing is missed or overlooked.

    Ordering for fabrication

    • A one-size-fits-all approach may work for other hurricane shutters installers. Not Buildpro—all our hurricane window protection is custom-fabricated for your home. Whether you’re ordering roll up storm shutters or sturdy Bahama shutters, production can take up  to 4 weeks. Please allow another few days for the delivery to arrive from the factory and it will be on its way soon to you.


    • Once your shutters have been delivered and inspected, you’ll get a call from us to set a day that will work for you. Most all of our storm shutter installation projects can be completed in one day. Just know that if your project is more complex or you’ve ordered custom shutters, your project could take a little extra time.
    • Remember: We’re here to serve you! Installing storm shutters is only one aspect of the Buildpro experience, the rest is our dedication to meeting your specific needs.


    • Installing hurricane shutters is done with the utmost care. Our technicians take on one opening at a time to assure your shutters are properly fit and aligned. Each home is unique, but rest assured—your Buildpro technician has the knowledge and experience to prepare and install your new shutters without affecting the existing beauty of your home.

    How You Can Help Buildpro Deliver Best Results

    Hurricanes are nothing new in Louisiana and Mississippi. We at Buildpro have built our business over the last 20 years installing hurricane shutters for hundreds of homes. To provide you with the most personalized service possible we ask you to inform us of any accommodations that need to be made for exterior access, complex exterior decorations and landscaping, and pets.

    The cost to install hurricane shutters is nothing compared to the damage a tropical storm can cause to your home. Luckily for you, Buildpro’s storm shutter installation services are affordable and top-quality. Simply choose the style that best fits your home and start protecting your home with a hurricane shutters installation from Buildpro today!