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    Hurricane Storm Shutters

    hurricane-katrinaBuildpro is dedicated to protecting your home.

    Hurricane storm shutters from Buildpro can help your home can weather even the worst storms. As Louisiana or Mississippi residents you know your home is at risk of hurricane damage. These tropical storms batter homes with high winds and heavy rain and can cause billions of dollars in property damage. Hurricane season only lasts so long, but all it takes is one bad storm to make you wish you’d had better hurricane protection.

    Hurricane shutters help protect your home against the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. These types of shutters also come in a wide variety of styles suited for any home. When you make your home Buildpro beautiful with our locally made storm shutters, you can to put an end to your hurricane worries.

    Hurricane Storm Shutters Offer You Protection and Curb Appeal

    How do hurricane shutters differ from normal types of shutters? Here are all the benefits you can take advantage of when you upgrade your hurricane storm protection:

    • Lessens damage caused by high winds. Hurricanes are known for whipping up winds that send debris flying through windows and into your living room. Hurricane shutters are the ideal home storm protection when you want to provide protection for your home.
    • Reduces insurance premiums. Lower insurance bills are always a good thing. Our hurricane protection products could get you discounts on your monthly home insurance.
    • Helps discourage intruders or thieves when you are away from home. Our hurricane shutters even provide added security to your home. Closing the shutters over your windows and doors block the inside of your home from view, creating an added barrier.
    • Lowers energy bills. Heating your home during cold winters can be costly. Storm shutters can not only protect your home but can insulate it too, keeping warm air inside and cold air out.
    • Adds value to your home. Investing in the added storm protection systems can increase your property value.

    Hurricane Storm ShuttersChoose Your Shutter Style for Added Home Appeal

    Buildpro offers many types of hurricane shutters. You can choose one from a wide range of styles for any type of home. From convenient accordion shutters to traditional and elegant colonial shutter, you can add curb appeal just as easily as you can add functionality.

    These shutters are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Need added protection for a warehouse, or outfit your financial investment with some added curb appeal? We know we have a style of hurricane shutters that are right for you.

    Accordion Hurricane ShutterAccordion Shutters

    These are convenient and easy to use. Rated for winds up to 140 mph. Locks on inside or outside.
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    colonialLouvered Aluminum Storm Shutters

    These colonial style aluminum storm shutters are hinged on the side and open on to the outside of the window, promoting the look of the colonial estate. These shutters are available in 26 different colors to assure  curb side appeal.
    [nggallery id=4]

    Board and Batten Aluminum Storm Shutters

    Board and Batten impact shutters are designed to look like traditional wood shutters but with the strength of aluminum. These shutters are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate. Before a storm arrives simply close and latch with the locking bars to be protected. Powder Coated finish available in 26 colors.
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    Bahama Hurricane ShutterBahama Shutters

    Choose from operable blades to fixed blades. Powder coated finish available in 26 colors.
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    Clear Lexan PanelsClear Lexan Panels

    These allow for light to pass through . Lexan panels are light weight and easy to install. You can leave them up all year around or store them with minimal storage space.
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    Roll Down Hurricane ShuttersRoll Down Shutters

    These offer complete hurricane protection and home security. Buildpro’s Roll Down Shutters are available in beige, white, ivory, and bronze
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    alumAluminum Storm Panels

    These are the most cost effective products we carry. Aluminum Storm Panels use up minimal storage space when not in use.
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    Buildpro Gets the Local Vote for Home Hurricane Protection

    For the best window protection during hurricanes, you can do no better than Buildpro. Our wide-ranging product line of custom hurricane protection products are manufactured locally in Louisiana. As locals ourselves, we know that our products have what it takes to withstand the worst tropical storms.

    Contact us and get your free quote for a professional installation by Buildpro’s team of experts. With us, you’re assured the best possible product, service, and installation. We make every effort to be the best in our industry and to offer top quality customer service.

    Second time using this company: First was Sunpro for solar panels & now Buildpro for shutters. Always professional and friendly. They do as promised and follow up after. Had one mistake with one shutter, but they took care of it with no fuss. Highly recommend them!Patricia Pecoraro
    Pearl River, LA
    Installation Storm Protection FAQs

    Aluminum Powder Coated Shutters available in 3 different styles and 26 colors to assure curb side appeal!