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    What to expect with your siding installation…


    Have you been wanting to give your home a much needed facelift? A vinyl siding installation could be just what you need to make your house your dream home. At Buildpro we understand this, which is why we approach every project with our full commitment to delivering you an excellent experience. We’ve been installing vinyl siding on homes in Louisiana and Mississippi for over 20 years, and we’ve learned a lot. We apply this knowledge and experience to give you a brighter more beautiful home. Now we offer you an inside look at each step of our best in the industry siding installation process.

    What to Expect with Your Vinyl Siding Installation

    In-home consultation

    Inside or out, no two houses are the same. That’s why we must look at your house in person before preparing for your project. This first step is critical to providing you with quality vinyl siding installation that is right for you. We’ll send one of our qualified Buildpro representatives to meet with you for an in-home consultation and inspection.

    During your in-home consultation and inspection your qualified Buildpro representative will:

    • Identify your needs. We offer suggestions and solutions to any potential issues to provide you with the smoothest possible project.
    • Educate you on our company and product. We show you how and why you made the right choice by “Going Buildpro.”
    • Provide you with a detailed written estimate. Based on your needs, vision, and budget expectations, we offer you a completely customized service experience with affordable vinyl siding prices.

    Pre-inspection and ordering of material

    • In most cases the original measurements from your in-home consultation can be used. However, Buildpro believes in measuring twice and ordering once. We may need to schedule a second inspection your home to ensure your vinyl siding installation is executed with the highest level of precision.
    • Before ordering the material you will be contacted to verify all the details of your project. This quick, convenient phone call finalizes your order. You will also be informed of the expected time of completion and estimate on the vinyl siding installation cost. We leave nothing out to ensure you know just what you’re getting!

    Buildpro chooses vinyl over cedar siding installation for its superior lasting quality and excellent appearance. Easy to clean and maintain, vinyl siding is the top choice for homes looking to survive Louisiana’s and Mississippi’s humid summers.


    • Buildpro will contact you and schedule a convenient time for your project. Weather will always be a consideration.
    • The complexity of the job and the size of your house will of course affect how quickly we complete the project. However, most homes will be completed in a day to a week.

    With Buildpro, we work with you to meet your needs. Not only do we break down all the steps to installing vinyl siding with Buildpro but we share with you our entire process so you know what comes next.


    • We nail all wall siding by hand to ensure quality.
    • We use tarps to minimize “construction sprawl” to keep both you and your neighbors happy.
    • We believe that once we start something we should finish it. We will stay on the job until it is 100% finished—and you are 100% satisfied.
    • You are also encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback during the project.
    • When complete, we perform a full cleanup and magnet sweep of property.

    We Need You to Help Us Meet Your Needs

    No one knows your home or property like you do, at Buildpro we work extensively with our homeowners to ensure that we deliver the best siding installation possible. We encourage our customers to ask questions and provide feedback during the project. Remember—we are building this for you, and we want our work to reflect that. Informing us of your needs as well as any additional information such as exterior access availability, parking, and pets can help your siding installation go smoothly.

    Ready to start installing vinyl siding with Buildpro? Contact us today! Once you do, you’ll have a home your whole family can be proud of.