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    Buildpro Roof Installation

    The time has come to get a new roof installation. You’ve tried to delay the inevitable with repairs and maintenance, but you can’t do anymore (unless you want to try duct tape, but that’s a really bad idea). Not to worry.

    First thing you might be thinking is how to know when is a good contractor or not. Although getting a new roof may seem like a hassle, Buildpro offers impeccable roofing services that will make the process go quickly and smoothly. We have been providing residential roofing and commercial roofing for over ten years.

    When you go Buildpro, our team of roofing specialists will provide you with the most reliable roof. We guarantee your roofing installation will be done quickly, and at minimal cost to you.

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    In-Home Roofing Consultation

    Every home is different, and can have unique structural qualities to them. But these can be challenging to unprepared roofers. That’s why we perform a detailed in-home inspection before we do any roof installation. The inspection is thorough, in-depth, and completely free.

    Your in-home evaluation will allow your Buildpro consultant to:

    • Identify your needs.
    • Offer suggestions and solutions to any potential problems.
    • Discuss the best products Buildpro offers for your home and answer any questions.
    • Provide you with a detailed, written estimate. This estimate will be based on your needs, vision, and budget.

    Your written estimate ensures that you won’t be blindsided by a new roof installation cost halfway into the project. We make certain to lay everything in terms that are easy to understand.

    Roofing of a home in Louisiana from Buildpro

    Quality Materials and Quality Work
    • Buildpro will typically use the original measurements from your in-house consultation to order your materials. However, if a second inspection is needed, we will perform it at no cost to you.
    • Before ordering the materials for your roof, we will contact you to verify all aspects of your job. Once everything has been confirmed via a quick phone call, your quality roofing materials will be ordered. Our expediting department will keep track of the order to ensure it arrives in a timely manner.
    Scheduling Your Roofing Job


    • The typical amount of time it takes to complete a roof is between 1-3 days. However, factors such as complexity and the size of your house may make the process longer.
    • Please alert your Buildpro consultant of any additional info the installers will need to know. Details like exterior access availability, parking, and any other needs you have will help your installation go smoothly.
    • Before beginning the project, we will schedule a time that is most convenient for you. However, weather will be a consideration. You probably don’t want people on your roof in the middle of a thunderstorm.
    • Once the installation has been scheduled, you may want to plan to be out of the house during that time. The installation will be loud and possibly disruptive to your family- and your pets. If you think it could distress your pets, consider boarding them.
    Roofing Installation and Safety
    • Buildpro uses high-wind application methods on all roofs (6 nails per shingle).
    • To keep your yard as clean and free of debris as possible, we use dumpsters and dump trailers for trash. We will need space for this. Please let us know if you have any requests on where you want these.

    • We use tarps to minimize the “construction sprawl.” This helps maintain your home’s appearance, and keeps you and your neighbors happy.

    • Once your new roof installation is complete, we will perform a full cleanup and magnet sweep of your property.

    How Can You Great Roofing Installation?

    No one knows your home or property like you do, and at Buildpro we work with our homeowners to ensure the best roofing installation possible. We encourage our customers to ask questions and provide feedback during the project. We are building this for you, and we want our work to reflect that.

    If you have any questions about our affordable roofing, please contact us or call (866) 312-3794.