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    Glass Room and Patio Cover Installation

    When you want your patio cover installation to go smoothly, you can count on the experts at Buildpro to give you what you need. Our patio cover projects (which also include screen rooms and glass rooms) are in a class of their own. This is because when you have the professional installers from Buildpro preform your patio cover project, we share our process with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    What Can I Expect with a Buildpro Patio Cover Installation?


    • Our goal is to ensure accuracy and an ideal scope of work with all our patio covers. We start you at the pre-order phase so we can learn about your needs and your home’s exact specifications at are involved your patio cover project.
    • Before we send your order in, we’ll contact you to verify all aspects of your aluminum patio cover installation. A quick phone call is all that’s needed to make sure we’re on the right track and that you’re satisfied with the job you expect to receive.

    Ordering for Fabrication

    • Generally, our patio covers and screen rooms can be cut and delivered within approximately 1 week, while glass room orders usually take 2 weeks for delivery. If you have any special orders, these can usually take around 10-14 working days.
    • We’re the premier aluminum patio cover installer in Louisiana and southern Mississippi. We choose aluminum materials for your patio cover because they’re long-lasting, low-maintenance, and practical. Our glass and screen materials are among the best in the industry and are backed up by our 10 year warranty.


    • Once your order has been delivered and inspected, it’s time to set a date for your patio cover installation. We’ll get in touch with you to set a convenient time that accommodates your schedule. You can expect your project to be completed in 1 to 2 days.
    • There is always the weather to consider when installing patio cover projects. We’ll make sure your project will be completed on a day with fair weather to ensure safety and best results.


    • The Buildpro installation team will consist of a crew leader and his staff.
    • We will need access to at least (1) 110 outlet for battery chargers, saws, and other equipment.
    • We schedule our installs to start between 8 AM and 9 AM. If any changes come up, we’ll be sure coordinate with you.
    • Once installation is underway, we follow the strictest safety guidelines in our construction areas. Please be careful when entering the work area.

    Let Us Deliver Best Results for Your Patio Cover

    • At Buildpro, we believe that installing patio cover projects is a group effort between us and the customer. After all, it’s your home, and no one knows it like you do. While our over 20 years of experience has given us plenty of knowledge in working on a variety of homes, we’ll rely on you to tell us about your home’s unique features. Examples include exterior access, underground utilities, pets, etc.

    Contact us today and let’s work together to build you a better home!