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When it comes to your roof, Buildpro presents you with the option to use IKO Cambridge shingles. They’re popular shingles for a reason. Homeowners love that Cambridge shingles are available in a wide variety of color options. These shingles are also large, high-definition and have dimensional thickness that make them a popular choice.

ArmourZone Protection
A reinforcing band minimizes nail pull-through to protect against high winds, heavy rain and other severe weather conditions
Larger Shingle Size
More coverage from a larger shingle gives IKO shingles the ability to be installed more quickly and easily
Layered for Resistance
Five layers of fiberglass mat, weathering asphalt and algae-resistant granules fortify shingles for better resilience

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IKO Roofing Products Have Strong, Trusted Warranties

Buildpro ensures that your roof receives full professional attention, as well as professional warranty coverage. We use the best there is to offer from our roofing material suppliers like IKO. You’ll enjoy your roof selection even more knowing that it’s backed by IKO’s best available warranties.

IKO Cambridge shingles have the following warranties:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 110 mph wind resistance
  • 15-year wind length
  • 10-year algae-resistance
  • Warranty covers other roofing components
  • 5-year workmanship coverage
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IKO Roof Styles

IKO manufactures roofing shingles with heavyweight fiberglass and superior weather protection. The shingle styles for your rooftop are also designed to match your personal taste of profiles and colors.


Cambridge® shingles are fortified with ArmourZone, a special reinforcing band that minimizes nail pull-through to further increase protection against high winds, heavy rain, and other severe weather conditions. Cambridge® shingles are available in a variety of colors. These shingles are large, high-definition, and have dimensional thickness that make them a popular choice among homeowners.


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IKO Roofing Products


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Certifications You Can Count On

If there’s one thing we know about roofing, it’s this: A roof is only as good as the company that installed or replaced it. And there’s almost no better way to evaluate the quality of a roofing company than by looking at its certifications. Buildpro happens to have some of the best certifications in the business.

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