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    Hurricane Shutters: Styles and Options

    August 29th, 2015 will be the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Louisiana and Mississippi residents look back and reflect on the last decade of painful loss and the effort to rebuild. Directly after the 2005 storm, over 600,000 Gulf Coast families were homeless, and for the past decade those that returned have taken measures to prevent future damage to their homes.

    One of the most efficient ways to prevent hurricane wind and water damage to a home is to install hurricane shutters. These exterior shutters prevent damage to windows, entry of hurricane debris, and water damage that can be caused by open windows and doors. Hurricane shutters also ease the process of before storm prep by eliminating the need for ply wood coverings over glass windows and doors. Some shutter types, such as roll down hurricane shutters, even include automated options for even more convenient use.

    Hurricane Shutter Styles

    The design and construction of hurricane shutters has also come a long way. Available in a vast variety of styles and engineered in tough lightweight aluminum or Lexan panels, these shutters are built to withstand the roughest hurricanes.

    • The Lexan panel shutter style are made of a clear durable plastic that allows light to pass through the shutters. This feature also allows for added visibility to spot oncoming threats to those residents that are still in the home when the storm is in progress. The ability to sight threats such as quickly rising water, can keep you and your loved ones safe.
    • Roll down hurricane shutters can be operated for inside or outside the home and a motor can be added to operate with just a switch. These exterior shutters are built for the user’s ultimate convenience.
    • For enhanced curb appeal, these exterior shutter options are perfect: Colonial Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Board and Batten Shutters and Accordion Shutters. All of which work perfectly with All of which work perfectly with interior Plantation Shutters.
        • Colonial Shutters
        • Bahama Shutter
          Bahama style hurricane shutters available in Mississippi and Louisiana by exterior specialists Buildpro
        • Board and Batten Shutters
        • Lexan Panels
          Lexan Hurricane Shutters from Buildpro in Louisiana and Mississippi
        • Partition Exterior Shutters
          Partition style hurricane shutters available in Louisiana and Mississippi for installation by Buildpro
        • Aluminum Panels
          Aluminum Hurricane Shutters available for installation from Buildpro in Louisiana and Mississippi
          Photos courtesy of American Building Products

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