At Buildpro, we’ve learned that they key to success is a dedicated, hard-working team. Our very own Morgan Castleberry is proof that when you hire the best, you get the best!

We interviewed her on a range of topics, including what a typical day in the life of a Buildpro Field Supervisor is like. Find out how her passion helps drive Buildpro forward in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

buildpro field supervisorWhat kind of training did you receive from Buildpro?

My training with Buildpro was top notch! I went to Tampa to train with Field Supervisor Jeff Pearson (who by the way is the absolute best!)

My training was very hands-on. I got to learn about the different building codes and specifications as well as job site training.

What does a typical day as a Field Supervisor look like to you?

If I have an install, I’m at the job site first thing in the morning, making sure the homeowner understands everything, from the expectations and process of installation, all the way through the certificate of completion. I also make sure the crews have the correct material, and are installing per manufacturer specifications.

In the end, I always perform a final inspection with the homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction or answer any final questions.

On my slower days, I’m typically checking recent storm data for my area, and getting with sales guys to help them with leads and appointments. I also make myself available to answer any questions for them, such as shingle availability and product information.

What kind of projects excite you or interest you most?

I love all projects – anytime I get to be on a job site, I love it.

I love the dedication to finish the jobs from my crews and really appreciate their hard work. I also absolutely love interacting with homeowners, making sure they understand the process and feel everything is going smoothly. Their overall satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

What is the most rewarding part of being a Field Supervisor for Buildpro?Roofing field supervisor

Seeing the finished project, especially when the project is a complete roof replacement. I also love being able to do a final inspection with the homeowner. Seeing them happy with our work is something I really look forward to.

What are some common misconceptions about roofing that you frequently debunk?

A roof doesn’t need to be replaced until it leaks. That’s always my favorite! 

I got to spend some time training and developing the Sunpro sales guys on what to look for when a roof needs to be replaced. It’s really important for them to understand, especially when a potential customer is also interested in going solar.

Do you have any part in training or evaluating teams/contractors/roofers?

Absolutely! I’m responsible for finding and vetting qualified crews and job site training with them, making sure they are installing up to code and per Owens Corning manufacturer specifications.

If you could tell anyone why Buildpro is a great company to work for, what would you say?

Buildpro has really given me the opportunity to meet a lot of educated, experienced people, and grow and learn from them. It gives me a good quality of life with my daughter, and the ability to travel around a few states!

It’s a great company to grow with, there’s lots of room for advancement, and there’s great leadership.

Buildpro: A Great Company To Grow With

Well, there you have it. Morgan is a great part of Buildpro, and we’re certainly happy to have her!

If her testimony has you interested in joining the Buildpro team, click here for a list of available positions.