A graphic of a two story colonial houseAnyone who has gone through hurricane season knows how nerve wracking it can be. The possibility of having the rage of Mother Nature ruthlessly rip shingles off their roof and the fear of a heavy downpour flooding houses, as the loud rumbles of storm clouds ominously threaten to bring down structures are very real threats. Preparedness is the key to mitigating the danger posed by any storm. Here in the Gulf South region of Louisiana and Mississippi, we know all-to-well what it means to be in the path of a hurricane.

Even a well-built home is subject to damage caused during a raging storm. High winds are the cause of most property damage from a hurricane. Flooding caused by either coastal storm surge or the torrential rains is the second greatest cause of damage. Frequently, the wind will damage a roof enough to allow the pouring rain to enter homes. This double whammy is a common problem, but it can be mitigated or even prevented through preparation.

Having been exposed to this disaster several times, Mississippi and Louisiana residents know better than most the importance of preparing for hurricane season. June 1st is the traditional start of hurricane season, which lasts for 6 months. This year there are expected to be 12 named storms, with 8 becoming hurricanes.

Hurricane storms are a combination of strong winds, heavy rain, and hail that may last too long for the average roof to withstand. Shingles are usually the most affected during such exposures, as they are blown from their place to scatter recklessly. Where this force spares them, the full force of large hail can put holes and dings in shingles, rendering them useless. Without a protective cover on the top, roofs may leak, causing damage to everything underneath. Poorly designed roofs tend to suffer most from these incidents, which calls for a complete roof replacement if future damage is to be averted.

In the event of shingles being blown off, the protective layer under the shingles and the ridges is adversely affected. They also act as a protective layer that guards the roof’s rakes and eaves from wind uplift. Once damaged by hail or storm, these critical elements will not perform as designed unless a total roof overhaul is carried out. Buildpro uses state of the art tear- and water-resistant materials with ultraviolet protection features for a more resilient roof. We use shingles made from engineered reinforced fabric designed to withstand high winds and extreme weather.

Along with doors and windows, roofs are part of general protection of a home that are greatly affected by hurricanes. High winds tend to increase pressure within a building, which may cause destructive explosions if not warded off in time. Roofs that are poorly secured can literally be lifted off, and the walls may as well yield to the pressure and come down rumbling.

The first step to curbing this undesirable outcome is having effective storm shutters in place, but additional measures are similarly necessary. Synthetic roofing is considered more impact-resistant than conventional roofing as it effectively withstands the strength of hurricane and severe winds. With proper bracing, you can be assured of a new roof that will withstand the test of time.

While the unwelcome event of roof damage during hurricanes demands for a roof replacement, being prepared in advance can greatly save lives and property. If your roof is old and fast approaching the age for replacement, consider replacing it before the hurricanes set in. A newly designed roof with new elements offers far much better protection than an older and brittle roof. In the long run, a new roof is cheaper than performing repeated repairs every time a hurricane season approaches. Additionally, doing a complete re-roofing gives you the opportunity to use more durable shingles, improved adhesives, and materials that meet revised industry standards. If your roof is a bit tired, let Buildpro Home Exterior Specialist replace it so you can be more secure.

Buildpro Home Exterior Specialists provide professional shutter installation and roof replacement services so houses in the region can withstand storms better. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation inspection. Our number is 985-306-2765.