Hail Damage to Roof

The main reason for having shingles on our roofs is so they can protect us against the weather. However, the hail and wind that usually accompanies a storm can easily cause  roof damage. To make it worse, not all hail damage is easy to discern and this hidden damage could result in problems many weeks or months after the storm. In order to be sure there is no hidden damage that could be costly in future, it’s important your roof gets inspected by a roofing contractor you can trust to give you an honest assessment.

Effects of Hail and Wind Damage to a House

Hail can leave pockmarks or dents in shingles, which may result in dislodging protective granules meant to protect against sun and rain damage.


Other than the obvious erosion and damage to shingles, hail can also create an array of serious problems inside your home. At the top of the list are leaks. Once holes are formed in the roof, they can become holes in your ceiling. A sure sign of this is to have water dripping all over the place after a rain.

Continuous dampness in the home can lead to other problems. For starters, door and window frames may swell, making it difficult to open, close and secure entryways. Dampness can not only make your furniture musty but, also, damage them. You can expect the dampness to develop an unpleasant odors and a dank atmosphere in the house.

Mold problems

Additionally, your walls and ceilings may break out in mold. This problem is not only dangerously unhealthy but also unsightly. It’s a problem that is very difficult to counteract. It often reappears, even when you thought it had been gotten rid of.

Windstorms can, also, curl and lift shingles by wiping out the seal that normally bonds them together. This will leave your roof exposed to wind-driven rain; allowing additional hidden damage to occur

Problems with your electrical system

Perhaps most dangerously, water may deteriorate your electrical system and insulation, something that can lead to short circuits, wiring difficulties and even electrocution.

What is the best way to counter hail damage?

The best thing to do to prevent problems like these is to have your roof examined for any damage immediately after a hail or windstorm. Once a professional contractor identifies the roof is damaged, the best option is to have a complete roof replacement.

To protect your home and ensure that it is ready for the next storm, you need to replace the damaged roof with reputable company you trust and know very well. This is, also, a big opportunity for you to add value and beauty to your home.

We are proven roofing professionals and our experts are more than happy to inspect your roof; working with you and your insurance company to see to it that your roof and, by extension, your home is protected from the effects of hail damage. We are locally owned and operated, and always strive to give our clients the very best. If you have a damaged roof, just call us and we will have it replaced before more damage is done to your home.