Image of a traditional suburban house with duration shingles, there is a gold medallion in the bottom left of the picture explaining that these shingles are guaranteed for life
It’s time to have your roof replaced. Getting a new roof can seem daunting. Roof replacement is a very large home improvement project. It is extremely important to gather as much information as possible when deciding if it’s time for a roof replacement. Always gather all of the information you need to know before hiring a roofing company.

Before hiring a roofing company, there are 10 important questions to ask the roofing company:

1. Does the contractor have a license and insurance? 

When you have someone working on your roof, you want to ensure that they are properly certified to be doing so. If the contractor does not have proper insurance, you as the homeowner could be on the hook for any medical expenses that could occur from injury. Buildpro is fully licensed in the roofing industry and insured in all states we service.

2. Does the roofing contractor have a local phone number and address?

Often times, after storms or inclement weather, you will see droves of trucks roaming the streets all filled with workers looking for jobs. Not all of these are terrible contractors, but a contractor who has been serving the area for many years tends to be more reputable. If you decide to go with someone far away or out of town, it may create complications if a future issue arises.

3. Will the contractor remove your old or damaged roof?

When replacing or fixing a damaged roof, the old one has to come off. You want to know that the current contractor includes the estimate to have the old roof replaced when giving you a quote.

4. Do you have any references?

It is extremely simple now to get online and check previous reviews of a contractor. Reputable contractors will have a website and social media presence monitoring and giving previous clients a place for honest feedback. Check the reviews of previous jobs, and be sure to include your own after your job is done.

5. Will you be subcontracting any of the work to a different contractor?

Know who will be actually performing the work on your roof. Many contractors will obtain a job and then sub contract it elsewhere. Obtain all of the information of the contractors working on your roof

6. How will your property be left?

Confirming that your property will be left in pristine condition is a must. Always get confirmation from the contractor that your property will be left in outstanding condition.

7. How long will the roof replacement take to complete?

A good contractor will be able to generate a precise time to complete your roof replacement. Confirm the details of procedure during inclement weather and what happens during times of inclement weather. In the event of storms, materials will need to be properly covered to prevent further damage to your roof.

8. What could cause a variance in roofing costs?

Ask for detailed breakdowns of jobs costs. When a contractor is giving an estimate, it is important to get all of the important information surrounding previous damage.

Red Owens Corning Innovations for Living logo9. What is the roof warranty on their work?

Establish the warranty on the work performed to protect yourself. Contractors will offer different warranties depending on what jobs are being done. Assure that their work is under warranty for years to come. Buildpro offers a lifetime warranty on our roof replacements with high quality roofing.

10. Are you a preferred contractor through your shingle manufacturer?

Anyone can buy shingles but a preferred contractor can offer you a longer warranty period. Buildpro is a Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.