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Vinyl Siding frequently asked questions

Siding Faqs

Can I install vinyl siding myself?

Installing vinyl siding is no easy job and not recommended for the averagehome repair enthusiast. If vinyl siding isn’t installed properly you can have buckled or uneven surfaces and over time the material can warp. This is a job best left to licensed contractors.

How does the cost of vinyl siding compare to the added resale value it provides?

In terms of adding resale value to your home, vinyl siding is one of the best investments you can make. In its annual survey of project cost versus added value, Remodeling magazine said that “the highest payback comes from projects that give an older home the same features that have become standard in new homes.”
Exterior improvements such as the installation of vinyl siding also make a home more attractive on the market. According to a real estate agent interviewed by Remodeling, “Things like new siding and new windows will not add dollar for dollar value…(but) they will cause the house to sell quicker for more money.”
Another point to keep in mind: if, like many homeowners, you add insulation to an older home at the same time you’re having vinyl siding installed, you add even greater value and market appeal to your home.

If painting isn’t required, how do I maintain my vinyl siding?

It’s simple. There really is no maintenance, just occasional cleaning. Ordinarily, the cleaning action of a rainfall will be adequate to wash your vinyl siding. However, vinyl siding and soffit should be washed periodically by hosing with a garden hose and clear water, particularly in those areas not exposed directly to rain. If you desire to do a more thorough cleaning, or where high soil collection conditions occur, use a soft-bristled, long-handled washing brush. It attaches to your garden hose and makes washing your siding easier.

Is vinyl siding seamless?

No. There are seams to allow for the material to expand and contract as the weather changes. Depending on the type of vinyl siding product, these seams might be five to 12 feet apart. Expert installers will lap vinyl siding so that seams are not visible from the front of the home

Isn’t it less costly to just repaint my home?

If you plan to move within the next three years, the answer is probably “yes.” But if you plan to stay in your home longer than that, the calculations begin to heavily favor vinyl siding. Of course, if your home has special problems – for example, warped clapboards that have to be replaced or lead-based paint that has to be scraped and sanded off-the cost of painting can become truly staggering. According to Remodeling magazine (October 1996), investing in new siding can prove to be an excellent choice in terms of payback. In the West, a homeowner can recoup 65% of the cost of siding in terms of resale value added to the home. In the East, the payback is 76%. In the South, it’s 84%. And in the Midwest, the cost recouped is 69%. Compare the ongoing costs of painting every three to five years to a one-time investment in new vinyl siding. For most homeowners the conclusion is obvious-vinyl siding is by far the better long-term value.

Will I ever have to paint my siding once it is installed?

No. The colors are permanent. To keep the siding installation looking new for longer, use a pressure washer at least once a year and keep the vinyl siding panels clean.

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