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What to expect with your roofing installation

Protect your home with a professional roofing installation by Buildpro. Why risk something so important to anyone other than the industry’s experts? When you go Buildpro, our team of expert certified installers will provide your Louisiana or Mississippi home with the most reliable roof. We have over 20 years of industry experience, and we guarantee your roofing installation will be done quickly and at minimal cost to you. At Buildpro we provide the best possible product with the utmost convenience for you and your family.

Professional Buildpro metal roofing installers on a roof in Louisiana

In-home roofing consultation

Every home is different. Your home has many unique structural qualities that make it your own. However, these can pose a challenge to roofers who are unprepared for them. That’s why we perform a detailed in-home consultation and inspection before we tackle a new roof installation. We make sure we know exactly what’s required of us when preparing to install your new roofing.

In your roofing in-home evaluation, your Buildpro consultant will:

  • Identify your needs.
  • Offer suggestions and solutions to any potential problems.
  • Educate you on our company and the best product for your needs.
  • Provide you with a detailed written estimate based on your needs, vision, and budget. You won’t be blindsided with a new roof installation cost halfway into the project. We make sure to lay everything out in terms that are easy to understand.

Roofing of a home in Louisiana from Buildpro

Pre-inspection and Ordering of Material

  • In most cases, we’ll use the original measurements from your in-house consultation to order your materials. However, some houses may require a second inspection. This will ensure we’re fitting your new metal or shingle roof installation to your home’s exact measurements!
  • Before ordering the materials for your roof installation, we will contact you to verify all aspects of your job. After a quick phone call, our technician will turn in the order to our expediting department.


  • The time needed to complete the project will depend on the complexity of the job and the size of your house. Most homes can be completed in 1-3 days.
  • We will contact you and schedule a time for your project that’s most convenient for you. However, weather will always be a consideration.

Roofing Installation and Safety

  • Buildpro uses high-wind application methods on all roofs (6 nails per shingle). While this means your job will be noisy, once completed your roof will be ready to weather any storm!
  • We utilize dumpsters and dump trailers for trash so will need space for this. Please let us know if you have any requests on where you want this.
  • We use tarps to minimize the “construction sprawl.” This helps maintain your home’s appearance and keep both you and your neighbors happy.
  • Buildpro believes that once you start something you should finish it. We commit ourselves to stay on the job until it is 100% finished—and you are 100% satisfied.
  • Once your new roof installation is complete, we will perform a full cleanup and magnet sweep of your property.

Installing roof shingles requires patience and a steady hand. You need professionals who know how to install roofing materials quickly and with accuracy. When you choose Buildpro, you get this and more. In addition to your expert team, we offer you affordable metal and shingle roof installation pricing options to fit your budget and needs.

How Can You Great Roofing Installation?

No one knows your home or property like you do, at Buildpro we work extensively with our homeowners to ensure that we deliver the best roofing installation possible. We encourage our customers to ask questions and provide feedback during the project. Remember—we are building this for you, and we want our work to reflect that. Informing us of your needs as well as any additional information such as exterior access availability, parking, and pets can help your roof installation go smoothly.

Tired of wading through endless online DIY roofing instructions? Go Buildpro and get professional, personalized service. Contact us or call (866) 312-3794!

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